29th June 2017

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Dice Factory

The band name Dice Factory was chosen as a result of a fascination with author Luke Reinhardt’s cult classic novel The Dice Man in which decisions made by dice rolling determine structural events which are then lived through for periods of time. Says saxophonist and composer Tom Challenger, “the name really came from this environment, and a very self-inflicted, heavy workload with the aim to getting into the music, where, within a lot of seemingly chaotic music, harmony and rhythm is a serious amount of structure. Chaos, chance, numbers, structure. These are the principles at work here.
Featuring Tom Challenger (Saxophone); Jon Scott (Drums); Tom Farmer (Bass); Dan Nicholls (Piano).


Ant Law trio ft. Asaf Sirkis

£10 / £6 concs
door tickets subject to availability
Old Paradise Yard · 20 Carlisle Lane · Royal Street corner next to Archbishop’s Park · SE1 7LG

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